Amy Grove is one of the recurring characters on CBS All Access's Why Women Kill. She is portrayed by Li Jun Li.

Simone’s privileged daughter who lives life full throttle. Amy is shattered by her fiancé’s past indiscretion. Will she come to her senses or will a cigarette, a bottle of wine and the cute younger guy down the street change things?

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Brad Jenkins[edit | edit source]

Amy and Brad had an on and off relationship. Despite that, they were set to get married, until she discovers he slept with his ex-girlfriend, Cindy, two years prior. She asks Tommy Harte out for some cheering up, and to seduce him to pay Brad back. Later, Brad shows up at the restaurant to talk to her; they kiss outside the restaurant and continue with the wedding.

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Amy: [to Simone and Karl] Brad slept with his ex-girlfriend. The wedding's off. I require wine.

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