Beth Ann Stanton is one of the main characters in the first season of CBS All Access's Why Women Kill. She is portrayed by Ginnifer Goodwin.

On first blush, Beth Ann might strike you as the quintessential housewife from 1963. she's wearing a mask to hide her pain. Beth Ann's whole world revolves around her husband, and so she is understandably defensive and immediately in denial when told Rob is having an affair.

Beth Ann will be determined to learn the sordid details of her husband's dirty deeds—and will be in for a life-changing shift of perspective.

History[edit | edit source]

Background[edit | edit source]

Beth Ann and Rob had a daughter, Emily, who was 6 years old when she was fatally hit by a car while playing with her ball after the back gate to the house was accidentally left open.

Plot[edit | edit source]

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In 1963 Pasadena, Beth Ann and Rob move into a mansion and meet their new neighbors, Sheila and Leo. The neighbors are invited over and they make small talk but things get tense when Sheila takes offense to how Rob expects to get his drink refilled just by tapping his glass. Leo also seems to recognize Rob and he and Sheila excuse themselves after a moment.

Later on at a supermarket, Beth Ann wistfully smiles at a little girl shopping with her mother, then overhears Sheila gossiping with a friend about how Leo saw Rob kissing a waitress in Glendale. She accidentally pushes some cans of Tomato soup and Sheila sees her. Embarrassed, she runs away as Sheila calls her.

She returns to her house and cleans but Sheila arrives and apologizes for not telling her about Rob's affair. Beth Ann decides to deny the allegation however, Sheila informs her that Rob is indeed cheating on her and advised that she should confront him but Beth Ann refuses and convinces themselves that Rob is not cheating on her.

Later that night, Rob calls on Beth Ann and informs her that he'll be "meeting with a client". Unconvinced, she decides to spy on him and drives to the diner where she sees him flirting and kissing a waitress. The following night after, while they're having dinner, he compliments her food and asks what has changed on the recipe. She answers that she added pimiento on the food. He notices her blanking out and asks what are her thoughts to which she blurts out about wondering when will he die. Obviously uncomfortable, he informs her that he won't die anytime soon". Beth Ann explains that the reason why she asked is because she wants to know what will become of her when he's gone. She further adds that "she needs something more". He approves of her search for happiness but reminds her that he will be staying. Suddenly, he gets choked and spits out a pimiento.

Sheila visits her the next day with wine and they both drink after she informs her that she spied on Rob on the diner. While drinking, she decides to stay as a housewife and not speak about her husband's affair. However, Sheila advises her that she could confront the waitress. She refuses but is convinced later on.

She goes to the diner the next day and is being served by April. She just stares at her until she suddenly cries. April comforts her as she gives her a handkerchief. Beth Ann tries to leave but April convinces her to stay and talk. She decided to stay and introduced herself to her as "Sheila".

Beth Ann and April gradually become friends and Beth Ann promises to keep April's secret. However, she asks her why her lover choose to cheat with her. April answers that he might be bored with his wife.

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Beth Ann decides to change her looks after hearing April's answer. However, Rob doesn't appreciate nor notice the change she has done to herself and that he only see her as the woman he married, the "same old Beth". Upset, she decides to walk out naked. But to her embarrassment, Rob's boss appears and fetches the briefcase Rob mistakenly took.

The following day, Beth Ann and Sheila talk about what happened the other night. Sheila points out that maybe it's not because of her style why Rob cheated on her but probably on their sex life. She recommends a manual full of graphic pictures of sexual positions to her.

Later that night, as Rob returns home and takes a shower, she gets inside the shower and performs fellatio to him. But Rob feels pain and breaks the shower glass. He is then taken to the hospital. She tells him the reason why she did that was because he is becoming distant and unhappy. She mentions about their former hardship but he prefers not to talk about it. She continues and points out that their suffering had made it worse for both of them. She suggests that they should help another. He then tells her that he had wish he had been a better man for her. Without thinking, he adds that he regretted the choices he had made. As Beth asks about it, they are interrupted as Rob is being called to the doctor.

They soon return home but Rob decides to meet with the client. She tries to make him stay but he chooses to leave.

When Beth Ann finds out that Rob is planning on spending another night out with April, she visits his office and steals an important document he'd been working on. Guaranteeing that he won't be able to go out with April later on.

While Rob frantically calls Beth Ann at home to see if she hasn't found it, April, suddenly with a free night calls her up as well.

Despite her efforts to separate her husband and his girlfriend on the side, Beth Ann seems to want to keep April around for herself.

Beth Ann continues to hang out and bond with April more but Sheila disapproves of how close they are now as friends.

During their hanging out, April gives Beth Ann brownies with marijuana. She refuses to eat it but changes her mind when she learned that Rob was taking marijuana. She takes the brownie and they get high.

However, she realizes that she and Rob were invited to his boss' party. Beth Ann gets really high and causes attention at the dinner party. Rob confronts her about her strange act. She reveals that she took marijuana and that she knows that he also took one.

Upon returning home, he apologizes to her. She asks why he took marijuana, to which he answers that he wanted to break the rules and that he was tired of pulling a facade act to everyone. She agrees with him and points out that they're missing joy in their lives. Realizing she's right, he decides to roller skate with her in the night.

April gets hired for a singing gig and invites Beth Ann to watch her sing. She accepts but learns that she also invited Rob. She tries to come up with an excuse but April doesn't believe her and thinks that it's because she doesn't want to meet Rob. Beth Ann denies the reason.

The next day, she shares to Sheila what happened but Sheila doesn't understand why Beth Ann continues to befriend her despite the fact that she's Rob's mistress. Rob appears and announces that he got two tickets for the World Series and invites Beth Ann. Realizing it's on Tuesday, she feels pity for April. But Sheila reminds her that he choose her over April.

On the day of the World Series, as Beth Ann and Rob prepares to leave, he receives a call from April inviting him but he decides to tell her that he won't and that he'll spend time with his wife. After hearing their conversation, Beth Ann fakes out that she's sick and decides not to watch the game. But as Rob leave, she tells April that she'll see her gig.

She shows up to April's gig and she thanks her but can't help feel disappointment that Rob is not around. She tries to comfort her and remind her that she shouldn't think of him. As Beth Ann leaves, she sees Rob's car parked out front. She decides to hide in April's bathroom and hears their conversation. April confesses to Rob that she loves him but Rob doesn't accept her confession, saying that he won't leave his wife for her. The two argue and April kicks him out. Beth Ann comforts her again.

Beth Ann and Rob plans to have a housewarming party and invite everyone in the neighborhood. As Beth Ann go door-to-door to invite them in the party, she meets a married couple named Mary and Ralph Vlasin. Beth Ann notices something disturbing about them and how Ralph treats Mary. As Beth Ann share this to April, she asks if she was wearing a lot of make-up on. Beth Ann confirms and April deduces that Mary is being abused by Ralph.

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At the day of the housewarming party, Mary and Ralph arrives but Beth Ann notices the bruises underneath the sleeves. Mary hides it and she and Ralph socialize. Later on, Rob dances off with Mary on the floor. Ralph sees them and causes a commotion by yelling at her. As he talks to her, Beth Ann tries to convince Rob to talk to them but refuses. She interferes in Mary and Ralph's argument and tries to talk to Mary, but Ralph decides they should leave and Mary tells her that she admires her for being a strong woman.

As the party ended, Beth Ann refuses to talk to Rob for not stepping up and stop Ralph from embarrassing Mary. She points out that Ralph physically hurts Mary and that she has bruises hidden underneath the sleeves. She gets angry at Rob and calls him a coward. He retaliates her and says that it's not his job to judge him and asks Beth Ann would she rather have other people judge her. Beth Ann finds out that Sheila hasn't left and overhears their conversation. She reassures Beth Ann that she won't judge her, as she asks to know what Rob meant. Beth Ann confesses that their daughter died because of her.

As April shares to Beth Ann that Rob had broken up with her, she and Sheila rejoices but finds April coming to their mansion. As Beth Ann hears Sheila pretending to be to April, she learns that April is still hung up about the break-up and wants to meet Rob. She decides to have April meet other men but April tells Beth Ann she's pregnant.

Beth Ann thinks that Rob might leave her for April once he knows about April's pregnancy. Sheila advises her that she should told him that she knows about his affair so that he'll choose which he should be with.

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As night falls, Beth Ann prepares dinner but Rob thinks that Beth Ann might announce bad news. As she is about to tell him. Rob thinks that she might be sick. Realizing that she could have Rob back, Beth Ann lies and confirms and tells him she has cancer while Rob cries in agony.

Beth Ann tells Sheila about the fake illness she told to Rob. To make it believable, they consult to a doctor and come up with an illness. Beth Ann tells Rob that she has a cancer affecting her soft tissues and that she has 6 months to live. Rob tries to get second opinion from another doctor but Beth Ann refuses.

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While on the road, she tries to help April on her pregnancy and how to raise it but she refuses her help. Beth Ann finds out later on that she's taking April to an apartment go get an abortion. She tries to convince April that she shouldn't abort the baby but April gets mad at her trying to convince her not to abort. Beth Ann decides to tell her about her daughter and how she died; her daughter got out of the gate Beth Ann forgot to close and got hit by the car. April becomes even more mad but is later convinced and they get out.

Beth Ann decides to help April by selling Rob's former sports equipment. Sheila suggests that April can put her child to adoption but Beth Ann thinks she might raise April's child and she becomes delusional with the idea. Sheila disapproves of her plan but Beth Ann gets angry at her, telling her she can't judge her.

April appears at Rob's office and tells him she's pregnant. In the evening, Beth Ann receives a call from April where she tells her that she told Rob about her pregnancy and that he proposes her, saying she has to wait for 6 months. As Beth Ann crosses the street, she faints.

Beth Ann tells Rob that she has bought a gun to protect herself from a robbery. Unbeknownst to him, she tells Mary their plan on how to both get rid of their husbands. Later on, Mary thinks that they shouldn't kill based on the Bible but Beth Ann points out that God's wife will see reason to their plan. Mary is convinced and goes through the plan.

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April appears and tries to talk to Mrs. Stanton but sees the real Sheila and tells April the whole truth. Meanwhile, Beth Ann and Mary prepare to set their plans.

In the evening, Beth Ann prepares a drink to Rob and plans to confront him about their daughter's death. He decides not to talk about it but she asks him if he has anything remembered on that day and he denies. Elsewhere, Ralph returns home and finds Mary's letter, stating that she had left him for Rob. Enraged, he grabs a gun and storms to their house. Unaware that Mary is hiding in the bed, she calls Beth Ann as sign that Ralph is coming.

Beth Ann hears someone knocking and opens but is surprised to see April standing in front of her door and confronts her. She reveals that Beth Ann knew about their affair and had befriended her by creating another identity. Beth Ann explains that it was because she found her nice. She then opens up to Rob that she knew about his former affairs. They are suddenly interrupted as Ralph barges in and argues with Rob about the letter he saw on his bed. April reads the letter and gets angry at him.

The two men fight while April calls the cops and Beth Ann gets the gun. Beth Ann grabs it and throws it to Rob but as he shoot, no bullet came out and she just looks at him while Ralph shoots him. April hears the gunshots and sees Rob dead on the floor. Ralph flees the scene while Beth Ann puts Rob in peace and kisses him

Personality[edit | edit source]

Beth Ann at first appears sensitive and timid, who avoid cussing and acts subservient to Rob. But in actuality, Beth Ann has a steel spine; willing to act and speak her mind on things that upset and make her angry, even as she avoids confrontation with Rob about his affair. In fact, she'd rather scheme and treat Rob passive-aggressively than demonstrate her true displeasure, with the hope that she may salvage their marriage, for now...

As her life and world previously revolved around being the perfect housewife to Rob, on top of the loss of a daughter, his cheating devastates her. Beth Ann is not cruel, however, and upon meeting "the other woman" she cannot find herself to be unkind in the face of April's own kindness.

Relationships[edit | edit source]

Rob Stanton[edit | edit source]

Beth Ann’s relationship with Rob is complicated. She loves her husband. However, she feels betrayed and maybe insecure when she finds out that her husband is cheating on her with a waitress. One can see that the bond they have is not ideal, he treats her as a maid rather than a wife. For instance, his inability to fill his own coffee or find the olives to put in his martini.

April[edit | edit source]

In the supermarket, Beth Ann overhears Sheila revealing her husband Leo saw Rob kissing a waitress at a diner. At first, Beth Ann refuses to believe Rob's infidelity, until she sees him kiss the waitress firsthand. At Sheila's advice, Beth Ann goes to the diner to confront the waitress, whom she learns is named April. Beth Ann, however, loses her nerve and instead befriends her under her alias Sheila, to keep her identity secret. From there on, Beth Ann and April develop a close friendship. A decade later, Beth Ann looks after her daughter, Elsie, after April becomes a singer.

Sheila Mosconi[edit | edit source]

Beth Ann’s neighbor from across the street. Sheila and Beth Ann become good friends, and become closer through Rob’s infidelity. Sheila helps Beth Ann become April’s confidant, in order to convince her it's not in her best interest to date a married man, in the hopes of winning Rob back and remind him why he loves Beth Ann.

Memorable quotes[edit | edit source]

Rob: "Penny for your thoughts."

Beth: "Oh, I was just thinking about silly things."
  Rob: "What kind of silly things?"
  Beth: "I was wondering when you'll die."
  Rob: "Excuse me?"
  Beth: "Oh, whether it will be sooner rather than later."
  Rob: "I'm not dying anytime soon."
  Beth: "You don't know that. You could be hit by a bus. Or have a stroke, or get stabbed in the chest."
  Rob: "Beth Ann!"
  Beth: "Myra Penn's husband was 50 when he choked to death on a pimento."
  Rob: "I'm only 42, and I feel great. Can we just eat dinner?"

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