Leo Mosconi is one of the recurring characters on CBS All Access's Why Women Kill. He is portrayed by Adam Ferrara.

He is married to Sheila and owner of a dry-cleaning chain in Brooklyn, set in 1963. Always good-humored and happy to welcome Rob and Beth Ann to the neighborhood.

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Leo is an affable man who tries his best to keep the peace. While he seems to support his strong-willed wife personally, in social situations his first reaction is to avoid offending other parties.

Leo has a sharp memory and awareness of tact. When he realizes that Rob is a man he'd seen kissing a waitress in the parking lot of a diner, his first reaction was to send Sheila a look so they could subtly leave quickly to inform her.

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Sheila: [to Beth Ann] Hello. Sheila. This is my husband, Leo.
Leo: I guess you're our new neighbors.
Beth Ann: [walks over] I must apologize for my husband's language. He's excited because we've never lived anywhere this nice before. He doesn't usually swear.
Sheila: Relax. We're from Brooklyn.
Leo: Yeah. We don't give a fuck.

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