Naomi Harte is one of the recurring characters on CBS All Access' Why Women Kill. She is portrayed by Katie Finneran.

She is upscale, brash and fun, she is one of Simone’s friends and Tommy’s mother. Effusive, she is a cheerful widow, left $6 million when her husband, Ed, died, which she claims was “pretty nice.”

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Naomi: Simone! The house. It's finally done.
  Simone: My decorator finished Friday. What do you think?
  Naomi: [gaps] I'm so jealous I could kill myself.
  Simone: Oh. That's the look I was going for.
  [they both laugh as Karl appears]
  Karl: Darling, I got you a scotch.
  Simone: Oh Thank you, my love. Don't I have the nicest husband?
  Naomi: I don't know. Ed died and left me six million. That was pretty nice.

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