Sheila Mosconi is one of the recurring characters on CBS All Access's Why Women Kill. She is portrayed by Alicia Coppola.

Sheila is a New York Italian from Brooklyn, who is the friendly, outgoing, a bit overbearing, loud and well-meaning neighbor of Beth Ann and Rob.

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Beth Ann Stanton[edit | edit source]

Sheila first introduces herself and her husband Leo to Beth Ann when she and Rob move in across the street. The two become good friends, and become closer through Rob’s infidelity. Sheila agrees to help Beth Ann become the confidant of Rob’s mistress, April. Following Beth Ann and Rob’s housewarming party, Rob and Beth Ann get into an argument about how Rob did nothing to stop Ralph, their neighbor who is abusive to his wife. As a retort, Rob yells at Beth Ann saying that she was not a good mother. Beth Ann opens up to Sheila, and admits that she was the reason their daughter died.

After learning that Rob dumped April, Beth Ann and Sheila celebrate amd discuss telling Rob about her knowing of the affair, only for April to appear in the driveway of the mansion. Sheila answers the door, and pretends to be Beth Ann, leading April to believe Sheila is Beth Ann. Sheila continues to help Beth Ann, but after finding out that April is pregnant with Rob’s baby, she and Beth Ann fight over her ideas to keep the baby, causing Sheila to storm out and cut off communication with Beth Ann.

Memorable Quotes[edit | edit source]

Benny: Ma! Mikey hit me.
Sheila: What am I, your bodyguard? Hit him back.

Beth Ann: If a stranger came up and said your dress was ugly, what would you say?
Sheila: I'd say fuck off.
Beth Ann: But if a dear friend gently suggested orange is not your best color?
Sheila: I'd get rid of the dress.

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