Simone Grove is one of the main characters in the first season of CBS All Access' Why Women Kill. She is portrayed by Lucy Liu.

Simone is elegant and effervescent, the picture of urbane confidence, moving through the world as if it were a delightful movie starring herself. Smugly superior, a woman for whom appearances mean everything, Simone thrives on shopping and throwing parties, seemingly happily married to her indulgent husband, Karl, who thinks she's simply fabulous.

However, after nagging premonitions, Simone is devastated and her world upended when she learns that Karl has been cheating on her.

Simone is a confident woman who dresses well and maintains a poised composure at all times. At least, in public.

Despite her seeming complete and utter satisfaction with her life, her awareness of Karl's adultering ways sends her into a shocked spiral that triggers her into starting an affair with the son of one of her friends.

Plot[edit | edit source]

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Socialites Karl Grove and Simone Grove creates a party and invites all their friends. However, during the party, Simone notices a letter to her. As she opens it, she finds a photo of Karl kissing another man. She decides to confront him privately about the photo. Karl explains to her about the photo and who the man he's kissing with. She then asks him if there were others but he doesn't answer. She tells him that he should leave without anyone knowing. He tries to apologize to her but she got angry on him.

As the party ended, she finds Karl not finished with packing his clothes. She suddenly realized that he attempted to kill himself by overdosing some pills and calls an ambulance. As they arrive, she explains to the neighbors about the situation until she sees Wanda. She informs her that he just fell down the stairs but Wanda asks if she didn't pushed him. Simone realizes that it was her who sent the photo and the two wrestle each other until the EMT breaks them up.

The following day, Tommy appears and visits her, asking about Karl's condition. He confesses that he knew about the letter and about the photo. She asks him if he had told to his mother about the photo but he denies.She then confides on him about his former failed marriages and breaks down. He comforts her but suddenly kisses her as he tells her that he has a crush on her ever since he was 13. She refuses him, reminding him that he is the son of her best friend. Tommy leaves but reminds her that he wants to have sex with her.

Simone visits Karl on the hospital and informs him that he can return to the house until Amy's wedding. After her visit, Tommy appears with muffins from his mother. He tries to flirt with her but she rejects his advances, reminding him that he is her best friend's son.

As Karl returns home, he expects to have a conversation with her, as she questions about his sexuality but she doesn't want to talk about it. He is, however, glad that she now knows the truth and hopes the they'll be happy once again. She goes to their room to get his coat but finds numerous of pills under the sofa chair. She screams in rage and he runs inside the room, as he sees her putting them back in the bottle. She notices that he didn't bring the cane, that he faked his suicidal attempt. He reasons that he wanted to prove his love for her but she rejects him and wants him to leave the house. He blackmails her that he'll stay in Naomi's and come out, ruining her image.

The following day, Simone and Naomi attend an aerobics class. She asks about Simone's married life, after receiving a call from Wanda. Simone reassures her that it's all fine but Naomi is unconvinced, as she tells her that she saw Karl parked outside a motel. However, she doesn't know who he is with and assumed it was a woman. Naomi adds that she knows about his affair for 2 years but doesn't want to confide in her, afraid that she might hate her for telling the truth. Betrayed, Simone talks to Tommy and decides to have sex with him.

Later in the afternoon, they meet in an alley and Tommy shows her a catering van, where they'll have sex. She refuses to have sex there but as he kissed her, she gives in. After their sex, she realizes that she misses having sex with someone. They continue having sex inside the van.

Simone arrives home in the evening and Karl notices a change in her mood, feeling energized. She comments that she plans on "working out, as often as she can.

Karl and Simone deal with the former's fake suicide attempt while Simone's affair with Tommy reinvigorates her. Unfortunately, the married couple must attend a gala together.

Tommy, who wasn't supposed to be working at the event, decides to do so when he hears Simone will be attending. But, during the course of the night he gets fed up with the little digs Karl's been making at Simone and deliberately spills a dish on him. Simone takes Tommy aside to cool heads and clear the air.

Tommy gives Simone a sportswatch as a present in their date. However, she refuses to wear his present nor wants to label their relationship. Upset, he leaves her in the diner.

As Karl and Simone prepare to give invitations, Amy appears and decides to cancel the wedding because she saw Brad with his ex-girlfriend. Tommy apologizes to Simone and tries to fix their relationship but Amy notices him and invites him to have dinner with her. He accepts because his girlfriend broke up with him. Simone disapproves of her inviting him but Amy points out that she wants to have revenge sex with him to spite Brad.

During their dinner, she appears unannounced and brings Brad to have Amy and him reconcile. Tommy confesses that he only accepted her invitation because he wanted to make her jealous and wanting to know how she would feel since there was no label in their relationship. She shows him that she wore the sportswatch that he gave her and invites to meet up with him on Friday.

Karl believes that Simone is having an affair but she denies his allegations. Naomi worries about his son and decides to get him a job where he takes cares of other's houses while they're away. In order not to create suspicion, Simone decides that she and Tommy will have sex in the homes he's taking care of.

But in the middle of their hook-up, Naomi and Mrs. Dubner arrives unannounced. Tommy tries to distract while Simone finds a way to escape. With no other choice, she asks help to Karl and forces to admit that she is having an affair. Karl arrives and "accidentally" crashes into Naomi's car. Tommy arrives later with Mrs. Dubner's medicines. Karl figures out that it was Tommy who Simone is having an affair with.

Later in the evening, Karl tells Simone that he approves of her relationship with Tommy and that they will not get divorce. However, she gets angry at him for not being a husband to her and not putting up a fight about her affair

Karl and Simone finally gets to meet Brad's parents but tension rises between them as Simone decides to process their divorce. Karl points out that they should work out their differences on the day they meet Brad's parents but Simone refuses to.

At the restaurant, Karl and Simone gets to meet Brad's family, including Hector. During the meeting, Karl disappears and Simone searches for him. As she enters the men's bathroom, she witness Karl and Hector kissing each other. Hector confesses to her that the reason why he dropped her was because he got guilty that he was in love with Karl. She kicks Hector out and confronts Karl about his affair with her hairdresser.

As the meeting progresses, Karl and Simone airs out each of their secrets; Karl's gay and Simone is having an affair with a teenager. To make matters worse, Ruby comes out as lesbian thinking that her parents refer to her.

Upon returning home, Simone kicks Karl out of the house but he refuses. The two argue and Karl reveals that he had loved Hector because he saw him for who he was. He wanted to run away with him but Karl refuses. He points he just wants Simone to appreciate him as her husband.

Simone contemplates about what Karl said to her and decides to let him be with Hector and support him. Tommy gives Simone a diamond brooch and she loves it. However, the next day, Naomi, theorizes that Tommy might be taking drugs, due to the secrecy and learning that he took money from his savings in the bank.

Simone realizes that Tommy used his savings to buy her a brooch and tries to give it back to him but he refuses. The next day, Naomi hears from Tommy's friend that he was talking to a middle age woman and she thinks that he's dealing with drugs. She decides to find out if he does by looking at his journal, kept in his room.

As Simone learns this from her, she tries to stop her, fearing what Tommy might have said about their affair in his journal. She takes the journal from Naomi and opens up that Rob is gay. Shocked, the two women talk. But Tommy finds out that his mother broke into his room.

Shortly after, Tommy explains to his mother that he's trying to payback the money he spent on his savings and invites Simone to come with him on Europe on his trip. Simone decides to think it over.

Later that night, Karl looks at his bruise on his back but hides it as Simone arrives. She opens up about the brooch and Tommy inviting her to Europe. Karl tells her to accept his invitation.

As Simone and Tommy prepare for their trip, she gives him back the brooch and tells him he has to find a way to surprise her. Simone and Karl attend a party where Simone meets Maureen, a nurse. She tells Simone that Karl is gay and has HIV. Simone doesn't believe at first but Maureen points out that he is the third man who visited the clinic and that the other two died.

As the party ended, Karl confronts Simone and about her foul mood. She reveals to him that a nurse told her that he is sick and gets emotional. Karl tries to comfort her but she decided to stay and help him get treated on his condition.

Later that same night, Tommy appears at their mansion but she tells him about Karl's condition and decides to stay at Pasadena, helping Karl.Tommy tries to convince her but she refuses. Angry, he grabs a bottle and drives away.

Shortly after, Simone receives a call from Naomi that Tommy got into a car accident and was drunk driving. She also calls her to get her purse. As Simone arrives with Naomi's purse, she tells her she knows about Karl's illness and is worried that Simone might have gotten it. They are later told that Naomi can see Tommy now. But as she looks at his wounded body, she notices a tattoo of Simone. She then realizes that his son is having sex with her

Tommy sees his mother, planning to crash her car to Simone. He saves her just in time while Naomi gets injured. Days pass, Karl's condition worsens and Tommy visits Simone, informing him that people now knew that his mother is crazy and that they have revoked her membership. He thinks of canceling his European trip to take care of Simone but she refuses. He then bids goodbye and tells her he loves her. She answers that she won't be the only woman he will say that, but appreciates she will be the first.

Six months later, Simone sells all of the paintings to support Karl's medical bills. She learns from Hector one night that Karl had been taking sleeping pills. She decides to throw them but Karl notices them gone and confronts her. She tries to convince him that they can fight through this but he insists for the pill. She tells him she has thrown them in the sink. He jokingly asks her if she would rather prefer to have him shoot himself or hang himself. She threatens him that if he would done either which, he will have an open casket, no make-up and with fluorescent lighting. He decides not take them instead.

He invites her for a birthday party of a patient named Jimmy. But in their arrival, she is surprised to see him with tubes attached to him. Completely shocked, she walks out and breaks down. He tells her that the reason why he invited her was to let her understand about his condition.

Later that night, he gives her Euthanasia to ease his pain and suffering. She thinks of having a grand send-off but he refuses as he only want her. He then requests her to change into a red gown as he prepares a surprises for her. Later on, he asks her for one last dance and the two dance to a tango.

However, he suddenly falls. She takes him to their room and inject the Euthanasia. As he closes his eyes, she lies next to him and kisses him

Relationships[edit | edit source]

Karl Grove[edit | edit source]

Simone has a successful marriage with Karl, until she discovers he’s been cheating on her with other men. Despite the fact that he’s using their marriage to conceal his homosexuality, Simone still loves Karl for putting up with her extravagance and nonsense, telling she’s beautiful when she needs to hear it most, and making her laugh in a way that no one else can.

Tommy Harte[edit | edit source]

Simone learns of Karl’s homosexuality, and he is later sent to hospital following his suicide attempt by overdosing on pills. The next day, Tommy visits Simone and makes a romantic pass at her. Despite them sharing a kiss, Simone declines his advances, but Tommy states that unlike the men she married, he is in love with her. Simons later discovers Karl faked his suicide attempt, and that Naomi knew about his infidelity for over a year, though she is unaware of his homosexuality. Feeling betrayed by Karl and Naomi, Simone begins to have an affair with Tommy.

While working as a waiter for a charity dinner, Tommy begins to grow increasingly resentful towards Karl and the way he treats Simone during the event, culminating in him spilling food on Karl. Afterwards, Simone admits to Tommy that while she intends to divorce Karl, she does not hate him because he takes care of her.

Memorable Quotes[edit | edit source]

Simone: [to Karl] "You think you're gonna get out of this by dying? Fuck you! I want to see you suffer in a one-bedroom apartment next to the airport, and you will not deny me that pleasure!

Trivia[edit | edit source]

  • Has been divorced twice prior to marrying Karl.

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