Taylor Harding is one of the main characters in the first season of CBS All Access's Why Women Kill. She is portrayed by Kirby Howell-Baptiste.

Taylor is a fiercely intelligent, kick-ass woman and lawyer perfectly in control of her sensitive side when she chooses to display it. She is also very protective of her husband, who is content to play beta to her alpha.

Described admiringly by her husband, Eli, she is "one hot feminist," driven, impassioned, and very sexy. She's also upfront about being bisexual, and she and Eli have an open marriage, which, so far, seems to be working.

Personality[edit | edit source]

Her personality is she is a woman that's very aggressive, she is a lawyer, so whenever it comes to danger, she'll threat the person who'll harm her with her court skills.

Plot[edit | edit source]

Before you read on , I want to inform you that there would be spoilers, and I didn't write this I just copy and paste this from this wiki. The plot were written by MinaDos45

Attorney Taylor Harding and her husband, Eli Cohen, moves in to the mansion. Taylor gets on an argument with Saul, an architect, on about the remodeling on the blueprint. She reminds him that he have signed a contract, wherein it states that she won't pay him unless he meets her standards and has satisfied her.

The following night, she receives a call from her former lover, Jade, and decides to help her rescue from her stalker ex. She returns later confirming that Jade's ex was indeed stalking on her and called the cops. However, she decides to take her home. He gets upset and tells her that they are not allowed to bring their hook-ups in their home. He then decides to let her stay for 3 days. As Jade enters, Eli stares at her and trips as he helps them pick up her stuff.

Later that night, they talk about Jade and Eli confesses that she is spectacular. She then thanks him for agreeing to be in an open relationship with her. In the morning, they find the living room clean and finds Jade making them breakfast as thanks for agreeing to stay with them.

Later that day, he shows a picture of Jade to his agent, Lamar. He informs him that she is a neat-freak, cooks and makes a laundry. He then confess that he liked the idea that she acts like a housewife. Lamar asks him what else Jade is into but Eli tells him that she is Taylor's lover. Lamar suggests to him that he should have a threesome with both of them but is not sure if Jade wants to.

The following day, as Eli works on his script outside, Jade appears and swims on the swimming pool. She then talks to him and opens up that they both share the same likes in movies. She then tells him that she has watched the movie of the poster she saw hanging on the wall four times and was her favorite. He informs her that he partially wrote the movie. She gets starstruck and praises him as she kisses him on the cheek. Later on, he tells Taylor that Jade can stay for the meantime, unaware of what plan he has come up with.

Taylor, Eli and Jade have dinner together and Eli asks how Taylor and Jade met. Jade tells him that they met in a lingerie store where Jade previously worked. When Taylor was trying to fit in a sweater, it gets stuck and asks assistance from Jade, which then turns to them having sex in the fitting room. She then adds that they have met 6 months ago. Eli becomes surprised and confronts Taylor. She tries to lie but Eli remembers that she said weeks, not months.

Taylor tries to diffuse the tension by offering desserts but Jade invites them to join alongside with her in a hot tub. Taylor is hesitant but Eli suggests to get some pie and lets them get in the hot tub first. As the two eventually gets in the hot tub, Jade opens up about her childhood and being raised in an orphanage. They are later joined by Eli, who is naked. Frustrated, she confronts him in the kitchen about his plan to have a threesome and rejects it. However, he points out that Jade likes him and that she'd be willing to join in their threesome. He tries to convinces her to ask Jade if she wants to have a threesome but she thinks it'd be weird for the both of them to engage in a three-way without any experience. He points that it would work since they're in an open marriage. She decides to asks her but Jade arrives and confirms that she wants a three-way sex.

The three later have sex in the shower and decides to lay in bed. Taylor and Jade continue to make love while Eli leaves and eat some pie. However, he waits for them to appear but they don't show up. He checks on them and witness the two of them looking at each other. Later on, Taylor talks to Eli and thanks him as his plan worked. But he asks her if she has any romantic feelings for Jade and she doesn't answer. He opens up that he felt hurt when he noticed the stares that they both exchanged in bed. She tries to explain that he felt insecure because of his career and denies that she loves her. She further adds that Jade is just another hook-up and regrets for not telling him about their hook-up sooner. She then tells him that he is her love story. As the two make up, Jade appears to

Jade invites Taylor to go clubbing but Eli joins them. In the club, they met Jade's former lovers, Willow and Mischa, both influences and a couple. However, upon first meet, tensions rise and Taylor doesn't get along with them due to their differences.

Willow and Mischa offers Jade to join them in Venice but Taylor disagrees and she gets frustrated on Jade. However, she soon regrets her decision, fearing that she might leave. She eventually admits to him that Jades makes her life easy. Eli is offended that she didn't told him the truth and that she wants Jade to stay.

Later on, Jade appears and they both apologize. She decides to join them in Venice and bids goodbye but Eli offers her to stay and decides to join her in their relationship. The three share a kiss.

Taylor goes on a business trip and meets up with her sisters while Lamar pressures Eli to work on his script unless he drops him as his agent. Finding out about his predicament, Jade helps him work on his script.

Taylor confesses to her sisters that they are in thruple. Her sisters express doubt and they ask her if Eli loves Jade or even more than that. Taylor reassures them that he loves her and won't cheat on her.

Eli works on the script but realizes he's not done yet. Jade suggests that he should take focus pills to help on his script. He refuses at first but decides to take them. He passes the script unfinished to Lamar. Later that day, he receives a call from Lamar and praises him. He thanks Jade and kisses her.

In the evening, Taylor calls Eli and asks how they're doing. He lies to her about Jade walking the dog and decides not to tell that they slept together.

Jade talks to Eli and asks whether if they should tell Taylor about what happened the other night. He decides not to, fearing that she might get angry at them. Taylor returns home but notices that they're getting along well. She asks if they had sex and Jade confirms it. Taylor is unsure how to feel at first but accepts it.

Later in the evening, they all go out in a restaurant and Lamar joins along to celebrate. Lamar announces that Eli's script got 6 producers interested on it and praises Jade for helping Eli finishing the script, calling her Eli's muse. Taylor becomes bothered and walks out.

Jade checks up on Taylor and thought she might be angry at her for sleeping with Eli. Taylor clarifies that she doesn't care about it but opens up that Jade being called as Eli's muse upsets her. She tells her that Eli was a former drug addict where he almost died from overdose and that she forced him to get into rehab. Taylor then mentions she begins to have doubts about their relationship and whether or not if it was working.

As they return home, Jade confronts Eli about his addiction. She starts to panic, fearing that Taylor might kick her out now that she having doubts about their situation. Eli promises to stop taking them and Jade forces him to give it to her. However, he tells her that he needs them for his work. He tries to convince her that when he was clean, he didn't create any script. With the pills, he can get some money and he promises he can take care of her. Jade is convinced and gives him the pills.

Eli returns to his former addiction but Jade is having trouble keeping it a secret from Taylor. Taylor feels that she's being kept out in the relationship since that Eli and Jade have been closer. She suggests that they should go to a polyamory retreat.

However, Eli becomes agitated during the trip and accidentally spills all the cocaine in the trunk. As they arrive to their destination, Eli finds out that there has been a security check. Afraid that they might see the cocaine in the trunk, he exits and lies he wants to pee. But Taylor sees blood in his nose and finds out that he has returned to his former addiction.

Upset, she drives them back to their house. Upon returning, she forces him to go to rehab. But Lamar calls and tells Eli that the script was sold for 1.2 million dollars. They rejoice but Taylor thinks that he should be in rehab. Eli becomes angry and decides that he should have a decision for himself. Taylor leaves but Jade stays.

Taylor meets up with Jade and tries to convince her that she should help her stop Eli from his addiction by getting all the passwords about his accounts so that he won't receive any money and stop him from spending other stuff and drugs. She also thinks of calling his father, so that he can force Eli to admit how he became addicted again. Jade points out that Eli might get angry and decides to tell him to stop his addiction.

Later on, Eli returns and gives Jade a car as a gift. Taylor receives a call that her credit car got maxed out. She returns home and finds Jade with a new car. She tries to remind her about his spending habits after getting high and forces her to give her the keys so she can return the car. Jade refuses and they argue. Jade points out that she has helped Eli work on his script. Taylor realizes that it was Jade who made him return to his addiction. Jade tries to deny by seducing her but Taylor refuses her advances. She kicks Jade out but refuses.

Eli returns home later and finds Jade crying. She admits to him about Taylor's plan to stop him from receiving money. She then tells him that Taylor also planned to tell his father about his addiction. Eli becomes angry and decides to change the locks.

In order to get leverage, Taylor visits Duke in prison and bribes him to tell everything he knows about Jade in exchange for his freedom. He tell her that Jade is not her real name and reveals more about her.

Taylor creates a fake meeting for Eli and tells him about Jade's identity. She reveals that Jade's real name is Irene Tabatchnik and that at 16 she was adopted at three different homes. Irene has committed theft and arson back in Ohio and has left the state with a new identity. Eli doesn't believe her but contemplates on her revelation.

As Jade fetches him, he lies to her about the meeting but confronts her on the idea of burning the house. He then mentions her real name and she panics. He swerves the car but he got injured and Irene flees. Taylor finds out the accident and finds a note from him with the words "rehab".

Duke returns home and finds Irene home. She accuses him that he told Duke about her identity but he denies. He then reveals it was Taylor who knew about her identity. Panicked, she forces him to give her money but he refuses.The two then fight.

Taylor informs Eli that Jade has left the house including her stuff. He also tells her that he plan to sell the house and build a better life. Elsewhere, Jade sells Duke's watch. The owner offers her $35 but she refuses. He offers to add $5 for the story and her face. She tries to seduce him but he becomes disinterested. She also tries to be meek but he is unconvinced. Angry, she breaks the glass and walks away.

On the road, Taylor rethinks of their open relationship and decides to focus on their marriage. But upon arriving to their home, they find Jade's dog and her, cooking in the kitchen. They try to kick her out but she just wants to fix their relationship. She points out that Taylor pretended to love her and that Eli promised to take care of her. Taylor clarifies that she did love her, only because she didn't know her. She also adds that they are no longer fooled by her and kicks her out once more. However, Jade asks for money for her to leave but they refuse. Suddenly, they hear the fire alarm and finds her gone.

Later in the evening, they are visited by two cops who informs them that Duke died two days. Alarmed, they start to pack their things to leave. Unbeknownst to them, Jade hid herself in the closet. As Eli gets his laptop, Jade kisses him and stabs him. She climbs the stairs and tries to stab Taylor but she fought back and disarm her. She grabs the knife and see Eli, lying on the floor. Jade pushes her in the stairs and Taylor drops the knife. Jade grabs it and was about to stab her but she stops her and disarms her. Taylor grabs the knife and stabs Jade.

Taylor flees to Eli and calls for help. She tries to wake him up but becomes unconcious. While crying, she kisses him.

Relationships[edit | edit source]

Eli Cohen[edit | edit source]

Taylor and Eli first met at a women’s march, where Taylor was giving a speech about dismantling the patriarchy. During the entire speech, all Eli could think about was "That is one hot feminist." Taylor told Eli she was bisexual right away. They eventually got married in an open marriage, allowing them to have sexual relationships with other people. Taylor loves Eli, and has always looked out for him, especially when she had to spend two years trying to fixing Eli's life after his drug abuse and overdoses after getting him into rehab.

After everything that happened with Jade, such as her getting Eli addicted to drugs again, trying to turn Taylor and Eli against each other, and almost killing them, the two decide to stop their open marriage and decide to focus more on each other.

Jade[edit | edit source]

Taylor and Jade first met six months ago when Jade was selling lingerie at Agent Provocateur, and Taylor was there to buy a few bras when the zipper got caught in her hair when taking the bra off. When Taylor called Jade for assistance, they ended up having sex in the fitting room. Months later, Jade calls Taylor for help when her stalking ex-boyfriend, Duke, threatens her. Taylor brings Jade home to stay with her and Eli, who starts becoming attracted to her. The three later become a threesome.

While Taylor doesn’t seem to care that Jade and Eli had sex while she was away, she does get angry when Lamar and Eli keep giving Jade credit for "being Eli's muse" after she helps Eli write his script by giving him special pills. Taylor later tells Jade that Eli was a drug addict. Jade uses this to her advantage, especially after learning Eli gets “crazy generous” when high, even buying Jade a car. Taylor walks out when Eli refuses to go to rehab, but Jade stays with him. Taylor later assumes Jade is the reason Eli is on drugs again, so she decides to bail Duke out of jail, who tells Taylor everything about Jade, including that she is not who she says she is.

While in Jade’s new car, Eli tells her that Taylor figured out her true identity, causing her to get distracted and crash the car. After the crash, Jade runs off.

When Eli finally agrees to go to rehab, he and Taylor agree to sell the mansion and focus on their own relationship. But they are startled by the return of Jade, who is desperate for money, and start to fear for their lives when Jade disappears and they learn that Duke was murdered. After hiding in the mansion, Jade emerges and stabs Eli. She attempts to stab Taylor, but she manages to get the upper hand and stabs Jade in the stomach. Taylor and Eli leave with Jade's dog to their new home.

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"My d*ck is bigger than your's"

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